Memorial Service – Sunday 24th Jan 6pm St Matthew

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For  those  who  have  lost  a  loved  one,
the weeks after the death are a whirl of
arrangements the funeral, informing friends
and official agencies with barely a moment
to think.

But eventually come occasions when we
have time to remember that special person
and  to  reflect  upon  the  times  we  spent
together  –  to  think  about  the  good,  the
not-so-good and the special moments that
meant so much to us.

For many years St Matthews Church has
hosted memorial services three times
the year (January, May and September) to
which those who have been bereaved in
the previous few months are invited – to sit
and reflect, to sing some well-chosen hymns,
listen to the spoken word and light a candle
in memory of that someone special.  Those
who have lost loved ones in other years are
also welcomed.

The services is led by a team, including those
who have conducted the funeral event;
it lasts about 45 minutes and there is an
opportunity to have refreshments and a chat

The next service is at 6pm, Sunday 24th
January at St Matthews Church, Skegness
(the church on the roundabout) and is
open to all denominations, to reflect – and